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Architectural Design Montreal

Whether it’s a renovation project (extension of the house) or new construction, depending on the region, you will need certain documents to develop design drawings. In some cases, once the necessary documents are obtained, (like – location certificate, building permit or other documents required by the town hall), the architect, technologist or technician begins work on the first stage of development of the project itself. All projects implemented by our team follow the rules and laws of being developed in accordance with the local building code. The project is divided into several stages. The terms and the development stages thereof are different depending on its size and complexity. The first step is to gather the necessary information such as measurements of future construction or existing building, taking photos, consultation with City Hall, researching restrictions and other regulations for the district. Once the concept is complete, we begin the development of the project advised by an architect (if City Hall solicits). An album of drawings is submitted to the City Hall which will allow you to obtain a building permit.

What is a building permit?


The building permit is a document issued by the town hall of some districts (district) authorizing the construction. The purpose of this document is to protect public safety. This allows authorities to further investigate the site before beginning construction to ensure that the future building will comply with current building regulations (Building Code). It is necessary to consult the district office before undertaking any changes to heritage buildings of the historic area



In case of an architectural project, the prices are never fixed. All prices are customized for each project report: architectural program; • the total area of ​​the building (the cumulative area of ​​all levels); • the level of detail of the project; • the complexity of the project; • the need for technical expertise; • the investment location. The price difference is quite large with respect to the price charged for the construction of an architectural project signed by a chief architect versus the price charged for the draft prepared by a technician. Once the plans are completed, it is necessary to establish the cost of the work.


L’estimation copy


A big advantage is that you will call us for the complex service we offer. With the development of the project, renovation or new construction, we are in direct cooperation with various contractors, building contractors, and subcontractors. Our team consists of workers with rich experience who have proven repeatedly our professionalism, responsibility and punctuality. Usually, most of the projects developed by us are then taken for execution by the contractors with whom we work. This allows you to save time maximum for benefits at a reasonable price and top quality. When you choose a contractor in our group the work is supervised by us. In most cases, after the project construction or development project is ready, our client is usually not willing to find a contractor who will perform the work. The reason is that it will take time and the client realizes that it is not quite easy to find a trustworthy person with experience in the field of construction. We work with trustworthy contractors and subcontractors. From here, it’s one of our project managers who will lead the work and will work with contractors until the end of construction. During construction minor modifications are acceptable, but it is desirable to make any changes before starting work.


Pay attention to starting work without a building permit! The district inspectors are empowered to halt construction or even require you to demolish the new part built. These are drastic measures including fines that await you.