House Plans Montreal

House plans. We offer services for architectural design and interior design for all types of projects such as new construction, technician, technologist, house plan, modern, contemporary, terrace, kitchen renovation, basement renovation, home expansion and extension, bathroom renovation etc., residential and commercial. We are developing plans with the documentation required to obtain a building permit. We also offer authorization, Reder 3D Design and Execution. call us for your house plan today.

design architectural - home plans

Architectural Design:

Design and development of ideas, execution of architectural projects for new construction projects homes, and commercial buildings – Building Permits.

design interior - home plans montreal

Interior Design:

We develop projects of interior design including plans, sections, 3D views, details, specifications and estimates (cost of renovations).

autorisation - home plans montreal


All plans designed and drawn by members of our team are performed in strict compliance with municipal requirements and standards of buildings in the existing code.


rendu - home plans 3D Rendering:

We design architectural scenes in a three dimensional space. The images are realistic giving the customer the opportunity to see the result as expected. In this way, it can change the applied materials, shapes and colors as desired.

conception - home plans in montrealConception:

The main objectives of our team are to seek, to find and develop ideas referenced by our customers. We give birth and give life to do what any idea (small, unreal, complicated or that which is not good).

execution - home plans montrealExecution:

Once the project is accepted and approved, the company offers a free for construction or renovation at the best price estimate, calculated by qualified individuals with extensive experience in construction and renovation.

Renovation - home plans montrealRenovation:

Quality work at reasonable prices. For the renovation plans and sketches of interior design are free. Work is carried out by people with extensive experience in the field of construction.

construction - home plans montrealConstruction:

Our licensed contractors in new construction, provide quality services to build your new home. Once you’ve decided to sign the contract, architectural plans, the estimated cost of construction and adjacent documents for building permits are free.