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Interior Design Montreal

Before you start renovating your Home, we must think about your goals and the results you want to achieve. Interior designers and architects of our team provide planning services for interior spaces designed for new and existing spaces for buildings. Sometimes for a project that will change, depending on the structure of your building, you have to call the engineer to know if it is possible to perform such a change. In this case, it is mandatory to have a building permit from the city. For that, we must submit to the city a development project that contains the necessary information on the renovation. Generally, a development project must contain the following information: a map of the existing situation, one, two or three development plans (as an option to change), an electrical plan (the location of electrical outlets ), a ceiling plan (with the location of lights), a general front wall and 3D visualization (on request). – See a sample project HERE. It should be understood that for the designer, the starting point is always the client’s ideas, interests, and tastes, because after all, it is not the designer who will live in this space, it is the client. We cannot draw anything using any style, just to have a job well done. We must first satisfy client expectations and tastes by performing all the tasks requested. The market is full of all kinds of products, but how can we know if this is a good choice for your project? – Choose a wood floor rather than a floating hardwood floor? What insulation should I choose? Which is better? What is the most cost efficient? Sound insulation? Insulate the basement, using what, polyurethane insulation, rock wool or glass wool? and several other issues. From that moment, it’s better to hire a designer as our team knows the market very well and can give advice always finding specific solutions and professional choices. During the development of plans, you are always welcome to our office to make adjustments. Here you also have the opportunity to participate in the design of your project. Assisted 3D computer vision, will give you the opportunity to actually see your future. There are many decorating styles that we can offer.



In case of an architectural project, the prices are never fixed. All prices are customized for each project in relation to: • the architectural program; • the total area of ​​the building (the cumulative area of ​​all levels); • the level of detail of the project; • the complexity of the project; • the need for technical expertise; • Location of investment; The price difference is quite large with respect to the price for the construction of an architectural project signed by a chief architect and the price of the draft prepared by a technician. Once the plans are completed, it is necessary to establish the cost of the work.


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A big advantage for you to call us is the complex service we can offer. With the development of the project, renovation or new construction, we are in direct cooperation with various building contractors, contractors and subcontractors. Our team consists of workers with rich experience who have proven repeatedly professionalism, responsibility and punctuality. Usually, most of the projects developed by us are then taken for execution by the contractors with whom we work. This allows you to be free to follow other pursuits. You will benefit with extra time, a reasonable price and top quality work. When you choose a contractor in our group all work is supervised by us. In most cases, after the project construction or development project is completed, the client is not willing to find a contractor who will perform the work. The reason is that it will take time from the client; it is not quite easy to find a trustworthy person with experience in the field of construction. We work with trustworthy contractors and subcontractors. From here, it’s one of our project managers who will lead the work, and will cooperate with contractors until the end of construction. During construction, small changes are acceptable but it is desirable to make any changes before starting work.