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Studio AD: Architectural Plan Design

An architectural plan is crucial for a successful construction project, which is why it should be made by experts that can ensure building strength and creativity. Our experts can design customized architectural plans that meet your expectations, technical requirements, and needs, while complying with construction industry standards.

Architectural Plan Design Montreal

Personalized services

Our services include customized architectural plans made according to your criteria for the residential or commercial building. We have the expertise and the equipment to assist with any type of architectural project, no matter the scope. Our experts can help with your construction project from start to finish – it can be for a residential building, a shopping mall, a factory, a school, a business location, or any other building type.

What is an architectural plan and why is it needed?

The architectural plan (or architect’s plan) is the guide and planning tool for the renovation, construction, or expansion project. It allows you to estimate the project costs, plan the realization, and avoid errors in building.

The plan comes up to about 1% of the total cost of a project, and yet it is a wise investment that will also come handy when you need to apply for a building or renovation permit from your municipality.

architectural plan Montreal
professional architectural plan Montreal

Why hire a professional to do this?

Our team of architects can assist with designing your architectural plan, advise you on the structure, colours, and building materials for your projects. Our architects can propose layout that take your budget, tastes, preferences, and style into account.

Contact us to find out more about our services and obtain a free architectural plan quote. Our experts serve Montreal and the surrounding area.