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Studio AD: Building Engineers

Our building engineers have more than 20 years of construction and commercial experience, which gives them the ability to assist in any type of architectural project.

Whether you are building a house, a hotel, a restaurant, a salon, a condo building or any other type of residence or business, our building engineers have the expertise needed to design top quality engineering plans that meet the construction industry standards.

Montreal Turnkey services

Turnkey services

We offer turnkey building plans – which means that we take care of everything in any property or building construction, renovation or expansion project.

Our building engineers work through every stage of the process, from plan design to quotes, material purchases, space development, and on-site activity coordination. These services will meet and exceed your expectations and requirements at every turn.

Compliance with current standards

Working closely with architectural technologists and other building professionals, our building engineers conduct feasibility studies to make the necessary recommendations to ensure that the new or expanded building complies with industry standards and is as functional and efficient as possible.

Our building engineers put your satisfaction at the heart of every project as they help with every type of construction and expansion. They also assist you with obtaining the building permits necessary for the work to be done.

Montreal current standards
Montreal Commercial and industrial

Commercial and industrial clients

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our architectural and business engineering services. We can handle all architectural projects, from the smallest to the largest, with residential and commercial clients. We are based in Montreal and serve the city and the surrounding area. Contact us now to get your free estimate.